How to Set up a Coupon Geo location

What is a Coupon Base?

A Coupon Base is a flag that tells a user there is a coupon available at that location. The Base is visible on the user’s Coupon Chase App, and the user can travel to any location within 30 feet of the base to claim one of the coupons. Each Base contains multiple coupons, but only one coupon can be claimed by each user. 

How do I set one up?

Setting up a Coupon Base is as simple as having a computer and 5 minutes. At the top of the screen, click “Log In”, then “Register”. Fill out the required information, including a picture of your logo, and sign up! This will bring you back to the home screen, so click on “Set Coupon” at the top of the screen, or enter your Profile and click “Set A Coupon” within your profile.

Now that you are in the Set Coupon tab, fill out the necessary information to turn your coupon into exactly what your business needs. You’ll need your coupon name (ex: BOGO T-shirt), coupon description (ex: Buy One Get One T-shirt), the length of time you want your Coupon Base to be available (ex: slide the bar to 12/6/2020), the expiration date of your coupon’s use (ex: type “January 1 2021”), and the style of your Coupon Base.

Once you’ve filled out this information, you can start placing Coupon Bases! The map will begin at your current location, but you can move the map to wherever you want to place Coupon Bases. By clicking on the map you place the Base, then you can choose the number of coupons available at that Base, and click “Place.” You can place as many Bases on the map as you’d like, and as many coupons at these Bases as you’d like! If you change your mind and want to change the style of your Coupon Base, it will change the style of all the Bases you’ve placed so far.

Next upload a picture that corresponds to your deal, so the users know what to expect. If you don’t upload anything, we will use your logo provided when you registered. Then choose what kind of coupon you’d like to be generated. There are 3 different options—Classic, Coupon Code, and Coupon Link. Classic will load your coupon’s information and can be shown to a cashier or employee when redeemed. Coupon Code generates a Bar Code with the option of entering a coupon ID. Coupon Link will bring the user to a link, especially useful for online stores. All of the coupons can be saved until the expiration date, but once “redeemed,” the coupon will expire within 5 minutes, to prevent multiple uses of the same coupon.

Lastly, the payment options are available. For the first few months of operation, Coupon Chase will be completely free for vendors to purchase coupons. The potential price will be displayed at the bottom, but there is a red line through the price and no request or option for payment. Click “Proceed to Checkout,” then “Submit Coupons,” and your Coupon Bases are set!

How to change your business image?

First you need to go to the profile page where you see all your deals.  Then click on your business image and select an image.

Need More Support?

If you didn’t find anything that would help you above try reaching out to us.