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  • The "Classic" coupon type method requires no coupon codes or special links being programmed on your side. Rather, when a user redeems this type of coupon, they have five minutes to show one of your employees, who can make note of the offer to be applied. After the five minutes are up, the coupon is deleted.

Coupon Code

  • The "Coupon Code" option is for companies that either want a code to be entered into their app/website, or, to have a code which can be scanned as a barcode to implement the deal. Similar to the classic option, the user will have 5 minuets before the code is automatically closed.

*Bar Code gets generated but you don't need to use it, It is in Code128 format
*required max 20

Coupon Link

  • The "Coupon Link" type works by you putting a link for the user to click on that will bring them to your special deal. This option is for websites that simply want to make people aware of their deals.



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