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WHat is Coupon Chase?


Coupon Chase is a game where a user travels to different locations and collects coupons that can be used at local businesses. The user can see a map with Coupon Bases and when the user's GPS signal gets within 30 feet of a Coupon Base, they can collect the coupon.


Whether your company is online, a franchise, or locally owned, you can use Coupon Chase to spread the word about your business to people in your area, and throughout the world. Interactive ads are more successful than radio, newspaper, online, or billboard ads, and for the first few businesses, Coupon Chase ads are completely free!


One of the benefits to using Coupon Chase to spread the word about your business is the customer base. Newspapers, radios, and television ads are becoming less and less effective. Coupon Chase will encourage users to seek out your business and use coupons that they collected.


Why Choose Coupon Chase?

The Coupon Chase app is free to users, sleek in design, and in game format. Television and newspapers cost money for consumers. Billboards are expensive and limited. Spotify and YouTube ads are frustrating and interrupt the consumer’s experience. Coupon Chase allows the user to choose the coupons they want, thus encouraging the user to act on their coupons.

 Coupon Bases are completely free! You can place as many Bases as you like, in as many locations as you like, free of charge. As a new company, we know that we need to build up a consumer base as well as trust in the process, so there is nothing to lose!

How are we different?

In 2016, when Pokemon Go was launched, the app was instantly revenue-producing and a household name. It earned billions of dollars and is regularly used by over 60 million players. In a study by newzoo.com, 31% of Pokemon Go players said that the thing they enjoyed most about the game was how easy it was to pick up and play. In second place, with 25% of Go players agreeing, was the ability to go outside and explore. Coupon Chase is easy to use, and it takes advantage of people’s excitement to get outside and explore.

Another contributor to Pokemon Go’s success was the broad targeted audience. According to statista.com, 22% of users were 13-17, 46% were 18-29, 25% were 30-50, and 6% were older than 50. This shows that a larger number of people are willing to engage in mobile gaming if they are included in the intended market. Saving money is something all people are interested in, so Coupon Chase fully expects to engage a broad spectrum of ages downloading the app.

What is Coupon Chase for Users?

To users it’s a scavenger hunt for great deals, away to save money and get to try out new places in there area.


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Mission Statement

To give free yet highly effective advertising to businesses.

Main Objectives

Meet the team

Jackson Stone​


Jackson Stone coded and designed this website and the app, while also having time for running in the cross country state championship and creating white noise apps.

Nathan Stone


Software engineer and hot sauce connoisseur, Nathan Stone coded the Coupon Chase app and website.



The adorable dog that inspires the whole crew, Apollo never fails to de-stress the founders with a game of fetch.

Rob Harker

Cheif Marketing Officer

Though he preferred to be referred to as only “The Enigma,” we needed to have a bio of Rob Harker, our incredible marketing advisor.

Michal Gibson

Cheif Relations Officer

Michal Gibson is a concert pianist, amateur astronomer aficionado, and heads up writing and design.