Coupon Chase

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Coupon Chase

To give free yet highly effective advertising to businesses.

WHat is Coupon Chase?


Coupon Chase is a game where users see coupons placed by companies at different locations. Users then can travel to these locations to collect a coupon, and use them at local businesses.


Coupon Chase is more effective than radio, newspaper, or billboard advertising, because interactive advertising leads to "higher levels of consumer engagement and purchase intent." Not only that, with interactive ads, consumers are 32% more likely to remember the ad. (


Whether your business is online, a franchise, or locally owned, you can use Coupon Chase to spread the word about your business to people in your area and market! Coupon Chase will encourage users to seek out your business, even if they've never heard of it before.


Interactive advertising

Coupon Chase allows customers to seek you instead of you seeking them. According to Instapage, interactive advertisements are seen as 70% more engaging, 66% more stimulating, and 91% more fun. In addition, Coupon Chase is free!

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